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Services: Risk Management
Business is all about managing risk. Our clients have used our investigative skills and knowledge of business risk mitigation strategies to develop best practises.

We can assist your company in the following areas:

Competitive and Business Intelligence
Develop corporate & marketplace intelligence against your competition to give you the competitive edge and protect your intellectual property rights.

Executive Due Diligence
When hiring executives that you need to trust, you need to find out whether their skills, knowledge and abilities are what the prospective applicant says they are. And whether their character, conduct and behaviour is worthy of the trust you will place in them

Fraud Risk and Internal Control Reviews
An independent assessment of your financial operations to ensure that the controls you have will prevent fraud and aid in the early detection of the misappropriations of assets should someone attack your company

Anti-Money Laundering Examinations
To protect your business reputation and prevent your business from facilitating criminal money laundering or terrorist financing activities.

Development and implementation of Compliance Programs
To ensure best practices are used that will foster a culture of compliance within your business that leads to professional conduct and ethical behaviour of management and line staff.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning
We examine all potential risks that can impact the operations of your business and build a plan to protect your assets and your customers. We will train your employees in their respective roles in implementing the recovery plan to ensure the plan provides your business with the capabilities to resume effective operations.