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Services: Dispute Resolution
When conflicts arise, you need effective response to settle the dispute. We are trained extensively in interest based
negotiation techniques. We use this style to resolve conflicts quickly.

Our services include:

Whether bilateral or multiparty, we can assist to resolve internal or external disputes. By satisfying the interests of all parties, we can quickly build lasting agreements to settle conflicts.

Civil Litigation Support
We will assist your counsel with investigative support to help you collect evidence to support your case.

Workplace Conflicts and Internal Investigations
We will quickly and confidentially investigative workplace conflicts and present recommendations that will get the issues setted and get your employees back to work. Further, we conduct threat assessments to alleviate the propensity for violence that sometimes can occur during conflicts. We develop strategies to diffuse violence and prevent violent acts from occurring at the worksite.

Enforcement of Anton Pillar Orders and Miriva Injunctions
When your counsel needs help in court order enforcement, we can assist with personnel who are familiar with the legal requirements on the collection of evidence and seizing of assets.