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Services: Computer Forensics
Digital Forensics – the protection of digital evidence is critical in the evidence collection process. We are trained to preserve computer and other electronic devices to prevent possible damage or destruction. Once storage devices are secured, digital forensic examiners will analyze data for evidence.

We preserve the integrity of data, ensure the extracted data is properly handled and protected, maintain a chain of custody, and work with our clients to present evidence for internal use or legal proceedings.

Our experienced examiners have been used to investigate:

  • Intellectual Property Theft
  • Slander and Threats
  • Hacked Devices
  • Employee Integrity
  • Financial Thefts
  • Divorce and Infidelity Matters

Our evidence analysis can determine:

  • USB device activities
  • CD/DVD burner usage
  • Event logs and registries
  • Deleted, concealed & hidden files
  • Remote access and cloud access downloads
  • Social media activity, photos, SMS text messages & emails
  • Spoofing of IP address
  • Web and surfing history
  • Keyword searching for filtering data